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Ember Reigns is bored and home alone. She doesn’t have anything to do so she decides to watch retro tube movies. After skimming through the retro tube movies she found a one that was quite interesting. After several minutes of watching she becomes horny, and decides to ditch the movie for some dirty fun. She turns on her webcam and she starts to play with her tight little slit. She spreads her legs wide and begins to finger her downy covered cunt. She rubs her finger into her cunt and along her slit and over the top of it and then ran her finger around in rings over the top of her slit. She went for several minutes rolling her head and ouching her nipples with her free hand and she was really having a great time.
Wanting to heighten her pleasure she slides three fingers deep inside her pussy reaching for her G spot, also tilting her head forward and raising her breast towards her lips, to suck and nibble on them as her fingers work in and out of her pussy and her thumb grazes over her excited clit. Fingers so wet now she moves them back to concentrate on her clit, with the juices enhancing the the slide of her fingers around it. Then she gasped and murmured and said its happening I’m cumming I’m cumming and she rubber her clit harder and opened her legs a closed them a bit and pulled her nipple with her finger and grunted a few times and sort of had a spasm. Steady streams of some juice run down her cunt.

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