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Lanie loves to play adult video games to stimulate herself. She plays everyday, and right after playing she becomes horny and plays with herself. She begins rubbing herself. Her finger entered deeper into her opening as she rolled to her right side. Her left leg lifted instinctively as she rolled onto her stomach, this time letting out a clearly audible moan. She buries her face into her soaked pillow and began to rub her walls with the single digit. It was heaven. The tenseness left almost immediately as she let out muffled moans of pleasure. With each self-manipulation the pleasure increased and her breathing got more labored and deeper. Her legs spread apart and their heels dug into both sides of the mattress. Her left hand placed itself on her clit and began to massage it wildly. A second finger somehow found its way into the slick area and danced franticly with its partner. She could feel liquid on between her fingers and on her palm. She was soaked and ready to cum. Unable to wait a moment longer, she rubs and fingers herself violently. As the pleasure mounted, the pace of the thrusting increased, her body convulsed in a prolonged spasm of pleasure that made her gasp for breath as she kept cumming over and over and over.

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